Las Princesas del Pacífico

Las Princesas del Pacífico


(The Pacific Princesses)

Created by José Troncoso, Alicia Rodriguez and Sara Romero. Directed by José Troncoso.

Las Princesas del Pacífico is a contemporary buffoon play that pushes us into a mirror maze in which, seeing us distorted, we are able to laugh at ourselves.

Aunt and niece spend so long on together that have finally become a monster with two heads. Ugly, grotesque, different … removed from the society, they live confined in a bunker from crochet to protect themselves from our sights. But they also, from there, are looking at us and laugh at our misfortunes to feel themselves accompanied.

Fortune as a reward, a fantastic cruise which would never have dreamed, throw them with a kick to the outside world, close to us, so we can see ourselves reflected in them.

We sailed.


Las Princesas del Pacífico