Mejor historia que la nuestra

Mejor historia que la nuestra

Better story than ours


This playwriting received a secondary award in the Marqués de Bradomín Awards INJUVE 2012

By Lucía Carballal, directed by Francesco Carril.

People says that a good ending is able to save any story. Maybe that’s what Luis think when, tired for the effects of the chemotherapy, decides to leave the treatment and face up to his last weeks “healthy”. In that period he will be accompanied by Maite, his only daughter, who comes back from abroad after a lot of years far from him. Roberto – the Maite’s boyfriend – and Paula, a young carer, will be with them. They all are responsible ones of another; all of them will search a home and a function in this shared seclusion. Throught their actions, useless and beautiful, they’ll try to build the best possible ending.